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מתחם ח-500, חולון

The Holon H-500 Information Arena

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Land owners considering  to sell their land these times, are invited to consult us,  free of charge,  in order to get fair price for their rights  in a short schedule.

Watch the video: The Importance Of Joining
The Landowners Group
Watch the video: "The Importance Of Joining
The Landowners Group"
Watch the video: "Joseph Raiten's group members talking"
מתחם ח-500, חולון - Join  Landowners Meetings
Landowners Meetings
Thanks to the cooperation between the H-500 landowners

Offer to join the cooperation agreement managed by Joseph Raiten, Engineer, 

April 25, 2016


The advantages of joining the cooperation agreement:


  • Representation of the group members vis-a-vis the local planning and building committee, and the scheme appraisers


  • Obtaining a joint allotment together with the group members whose identity is known and who have a common interest


  • Professional examination of the rights that are allotted in the balancing tables


  • Representation at the stage of opposition on matters that are common to all the group members


  • Maximisation of the group members' allotments, both quantitatively and qualitatively, by submitting placement proposals to the scheme appraisers


  • Backing the contract with a reputable developer on reasonable market conditions in a range of different types of transaction: construction services; cash; and combination deals.


  • If you are not resident in Israel, joining the cooperation agreement managed by me will ensure that you have a professional acting on your behalf to oversee and safeguard your rights in the planning proceedings and to promote the realisation of your rights in the land.

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The H-500 index
The H-500 index
Historical background
Historical background
H-500 on Wikipedia
H-500 on Wikipedia
Map of the H-500 blocks. Click to enlarge

Map of the H-500 blocks. Click to enlarge

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