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מתחם ח-500, חולון

The Holon H-500 Information Arena

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Welcome to the Holon H-500 Information Arena!


My name is Joseph Raiten. I am a licensed real estate appraiser and have had my own office since 1995. I have known the sand dunes of South Holon for more than a generation.


Whenever I act for clients in the execution of transactions in the H-500 site, I feel that there is a great lack of information with regard to the H-500 scheme approval proceedings. This is particularly the case concerning the additional planning proceedings that are likely in future and the significance thereof. I believe that the absence of readily available up to date information is likely to make it difficult for the parties to transactions to make decisions and will also encourage speculative transactions.


Having identified the need for up to date professional information on the various different matters relating to the H-500 planning scheme, I have set up this website in the hope that it will become a fountain of information for all those interested in the area: existing landowners, those interested in becoming landowners there and those engaged in real estate generally.


The website was launched on October 20, 2015 and I trust that you will be able to make good use of it even in its initial version that includes land prices based on transactions published on the Tax Authority's website. I look forward to receiving feedback, recommendations and especially first-hand information about occurrences involving the scheme and the execution of transactions in real-time. As the website administrator, I undertake to check all information received and publish it responsibly, in accordance with professional criteria.


You are invited to contact me in order to arrange a personal consultation in all respects relating to the H-500 scheme and realting the group of landowners which I managed.


Best regards,

Joseph Raiten

Joseph Raiten

The Team

Joseph Raiten

Joseph Raiten

Lawyer and Real Estate Appraiser (BSc, MBA, LLB, LLM)


Joseph Raiten established the firm in 1995.


He graduated from the Technion with a degree in chemical engineering in 1991 | Qualified as a Real Estate Appraiser in 1994 Obtained an MBA from Tel Aviv University in 1996 | An LLB from Ono Academic College in 2007 and in 2013 he obtained an LLM, with distinction, in commercial law in the joint international program of Tel Aviv University and Berkeley University, California | Lectured in Real Estate Appraisal at the College of Administration (Tel Aviv Campus) between 1999 and 2003 

Member of the Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards Board of the kasierer Accounting Institute, Tel Aviv University | Chairman of the Accounting Standards Committee of the Real Estate Appraisers Association | Chairman of the Appraisal Standard  Nos.17 and 18 Subcommittee of the Real Estate Appraisal Council 

Professional Adviser to the Corporations Department of the Securities Authority 2009-2010 | Member of the Registrar of Realtors Licensing Examination Board | Vacate & Build Appraiser in accordance with the Vacate & Build (Compensation) Law, appointed by the Minister of Justice on June 14, 2012 | Member of the British Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Yael Ezra Office Secretary since 2002​

Yael Ezra

Office Secretary since 2002​


מתחם ח-500, חולון

125 Herzog St. Azur, Israel

Tel. +972-3-501-2323

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