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Indication of land value per dwelling unit on high-density construction in the H-500 site, if the planning scheme were available for construction

December 2, 2016


One of the questions that most interests the landowners and those working in the market is the likely value of the land after approval of the balancing tables. An answer to this question has recently been given following a tender published by Holon Municipality on November 16, 2016. The tender is for the sale of rights in two plots in the H/370/4 site (block 6874), which is available for construction and located to the west of the H-500 planning scheme. Construction has recently started at the H/370/4 site and the level of land prices at the site can give an indication of the value of the land in the H-500 site, assuming that the balancing tables in the H-500 planning scheme had already been approved and the development work started.


The minimum price published in the tender was NIS 830,000 per dwelling unit, plus VAT. As stated, the publication specified a minimum price and the tender is likely to close at a price of more than NIS 900,000, plus VAT, per dwelling unit.


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Report on the results of the dissolution of the partnership in Lot 206 according to Plan H / 4/370

October 5, 2018

An auction procedure was conducted on 4/10/2018 by Adv. Yoram Weserzog, who was appointed receiver by the court as part of a lawsuit to dissolve a partnership in Lot 206. Block 6874 (bordering Plan H-500 on the west side).

The winning result in the auction process was submitted by the contractor Nahum Eliezer in the amount of NIS 1,165,000 per housing unit. The winner had rights to 6 housing units on the lot, and therefore he actually purchased 33 housing units in the amount closed in the tender.


The balance tables in the millennium plan in Rishon LeZion were approved in the first compound
February 4, 2018
The first detailed plan in the Retz / 1000/1 plan, accompanied by allocation and balance sheets, was approved for a 297-dunam complex designated for 410,000 square meters for employment and offices, 22,000 square meters for commerce, 590 housing units, 870 hotel rooms, 800 units For student dormitories, in addition to sheltered housing units.
Pre-organized landowner groups received joint allocations in the balance sheets by the plan appraiser, which will allow for faster realization of the rights, which entitles the members of the organized group already at this stage to a higher current value compared to landowners who received random allocations.
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Plan H-500 has been published to give effect to the publications package
  January 9, 2018
At a good time, after a period of more than two years since the plan was approved by the District Planning and Building Commission, it was published in the publications booklet and from that moment became a planning assault.
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The green line of the light rail that passes through the H-500 plan
  December 31, 2017
On 11/28/2017, Bilkot Publications No. 7629 (pages 1700-1736) published a notice of expropriation under sections 5 and 7 of the Land Ordinance Purchase for public needs, by the Minister of Transportation and Road Safety Israel Katz, according to which he is interested in purchasing the land. Falling along the green line route of the light rail (southern section) .Accordingly, within 60 days he intends to buy a stronghold on the ground.
Allegedly in such a situation, the owners of the expropriated lands are entitled to compensation of two types: impairment compensation following the approval of TATL 71A (Green Line Plan, Southern Section ) and expropriation compensation. From him land to receive a sum of money that will allow him to purchase alternative land in the H-500 plan. Land to be added to an instruction plan according to which, the owners of the lands expropriated along the railway route, in the area of ​​Plan H-500, will receive allocations in future balance sheets, like the other owners of the plots, instead of compensation.
If a decision is made that all the expropriated landowners will receive allocations within the balance sheets, then a lot of money will be saved for the public coffers, which will simultaneously serve the interests of the municipality, Nata and the landowners on the railway route.

Report on the results of the dissolution of the partnership in Lot 204 according to Plan H / 4/370

4 June 2017


A public sale procedure was conducted on 4/6/2017 by Adv. Yoram and Sarzog appointed as receiver by the court as part of a joint liquidation lawsuit. Lot 204 is intended for the construction of a joint residential building that includes 36 units in accordance with Plan H / 4/370 commenced On block 6874 (bordering Plan H-500 on the west side).

The winning result in the auction process crossed the NIS 1 million threshold per housing unit and reached NIS 1,040,000.


Decision of the National Committee for National Infrastructures regarding the objections to Tatal 71A, the green line of the light rail - southern section

December 2, 2016


The National Committee for National Infrastructures made a decision on 28/11/16 in which it was determined that every landowner whose plot falls on the light rail line will receive an allocation in the unification and division plans.

This is a significant achievement of the opposition procedure, in light of recent reverse court rulings, in which he expressed an opinion prohibiting the allocation of rights in balance sheets of a future plan in lieu of expropriation compensation.

Please note that this is a decision of the highest planning institution and it is to be expected that it will be reflected in the wording of the final plan as published in the records.

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The court ruled: The evacuation of the houses in the Givat Holon neighborhood is inevitable

September 2, 2016


In a ruling given in the Administrative Court on 22/8/16, Judge Michal Agmon Gonen ruled that the planning institutions' decision to approve Plan H-500 is reasonable and reasoned, including the decision to vacate the neighborhood houses in favor of Holot Park. At the same time, the judge notes that she does not take lightly the evacuation of dozens of families from their legal homes, and she trusts that the local committee will compensate them legally. This closed the door, for the time being, on the struggle of the residents of the neighborhood to stay in their homes, and what is left for them is to evaluate in preparation for the phase of alternative allocations and compensation.

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Report of a huge deal in block 6048

August 2, 2016

The Tax Authority database reported a huge transaction for the sale of plot 467 in block 6048, the registered area of ​​which is 11,830 square meters. This is an unusually large plot from the other plots in block 6048 and even in the entire plan. The total transaction amount as of December 31, 2015 amounted to NIS 16.1 million, which reflects a price of NIS 1,360 / square meter.

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An administrative petition filed by the Bat Yam Municipality against the approval of Plan H / 500 was rejected by the Honorable Justice Dr. Dafna Avnieli of the Tel Aviv District Court

March 8, 2015


Most of the resentment of the Bat Yam municipality revolves around a 240-dunam complex located in the western part of the plan, west of Ayalon lanes, which the plan proposes to change its designation from a sports area to a residential integrated area (with the option to convert the residence to employment).


According to the Bat Yam Municipality, the development of an employment zone in this area will harm the commercial and employment areas of the city of Bat Yam and create unfair competition due to its proximity to public transportation routes. As stated, the position of the Bat Yam Municipality has been rejected for the time being by the court.


Judge Dafna Avnieli's appeal was filed by the Bat Yam Municipality to the Supreme Court. In this procedure, no delay in execution was requested, and hence there is no impediment to publishing the plan for the validity of the publication file during the procedure. According to estimates, the H-500 plan is expected to take effect during 2015.




To read the judgment of Judge Dafna Avnieli

The District Planning and Building Commission has made a renewed decision to approve Plan H-500

October 12, 2015

After a long rape break that delayed the completion of the planning, due to legal proceedings conducted by opponents of the plan, the district committee again approved technical corrections required for publication. According to a report by the Holon City Engineer, the plan is currently in the process of preparing documents for official publication in the publications bag.



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Plan 57A 71A (the green line of the light rail) and its impact on landowners in Compound H - 500

May 20, 2016


On April 6, 2016, Plan 71A (the Green Line - southern section of the light rail) was published for deposit and objections. The route of the train passes through the Holon industrial area and from there continues towards the northern part of Plan H-500. This means that every part that falls The light rail route is expected to be expropriated.

Following a request from a number of landowners, I applied to the Holon Municipality Architect, Pnina Kol, for a clarification that anyone whose plot falls within the railroad field will not be harmed, and instead of expropriation compensation will receive like all other landowners allocation rights H-500.

In response to my request, I was informed that this issue is still within internal clarity and therefore it is advisable to file an objection on this matter, until a formal decision is made.

It is recommended that every landowner check whether the route of the train passes over his plot, and if so, to file an objection in this matter within the 60-day time limit set by law for filing objections.

Letter of address to Archbishop Pnina Cole

The wording of the publication of the plan's deposit in the press is dated 6/4/2016

Regulations of Plan 71A (the green line of the light rail)

Summary of 2015 - Transactions made in Compound H-500

May 3, 2015


During 2015, 95 transactions were made.

The blocs that attracted a lot of interest were 6048, 6745 and 6053.

The average value of the transactions carried out in the entire plan was NIS 1,610 / m2.

The maximum price was about NIS 3,400 / m2 in block 6048.

Detailed information can be found in the Transactions widget on this site.


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An interview with the city's architect, Pnina Cole, in the Globes newspaper
January 20, 2014

"I say responsibly that 100 square meters of land will never yield an apartment"


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