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How is the appraiser's work of preparing the balancing tables likely to be done?


The appraiser has been involved in the planning work since the initial preparation of the H-500 scheme. The more significant work will find expression on determination of the different planning domains and the domain boundaries. The appraiser should initially determine the apportionment of the total negotiable rights (residential, commercial and employment) between the different domains depending on the size of the area to be included in each domain and in accordance with customary appraisal parameters. The total rights in each domain will serve as the source for the allotment of rights to the owners of the parcels in the domain. The rights in each domain will be apportioned in order to effect a balance between the different domains, having regard to the different types of construction prescribed in each domain. To that end, the appraiser will determine coefficients of relative value for the incoming parcels in accordance with the previous planning position and coefficients of relative value for each of the types of construction in accordance with the new position. In the second stage, a separate balancing table will be made for each of the domains in order to balance the allotment of rights between the different owners in the same domain.


It should be explained that "additional rights" will be allotted in some of the domains over and above the initial allotment that the domain is entitled to obtain from an additional allotment of the 800 dwelling units that are intended to compensate the clearance of squatters and nuisances and the owners of rights in Givat Holon and Moledet who will have to vacate their homes. That allotment will augment the owners' rights in the particular domain and will not be at their expense.


The balancing tables will be made public at the stage of deposit since they form part of the domains scheme and detailed plans. Publication is intended to make them available for review by the rights owners, so that oppositions to the balancing tables can be filed and heard by the district planning and building committee and its advisers.


This page will be updated in due course with each new development.


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