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מתחם ח-500, חולון

The Holon H-500 Information Arena

All the information at your fingertips






The management of the Holon H-500 Information Arena ("the site management") offers the information as a service on the Internet ("the service"), subject to the terms and conditions appearing below.


The expression "user" appearing below means anyone who communicates or contracts with the service or anyone who sustains any loss as a result of such use.




The copyright in the site publications belongs to the site management ("protected material"). A user may make "fair use" of protected material in accordance with the rules prescribed by law. Fair use includes reasonable quotation from the protected material. A person quoting such material must specify the source of the quotation. A user must not make any distortion or other change or do anything that impairs the value of the protected material or might harm the reputation of the copyright owner.


Subject to the laws of copyright, a user must not copy, distribute, broadcast or otherwise publish protected material without the prior written consent of the site management.




The service is offered to users "as is". The site management will not bear liability for the fitness of the service for users' purposes. Moreover, the site management will not bear liability for any mistakes or errors in the service.


The site management will not bear liability for changes that are made to the material involved in the service by the user or any third party. The user will alone bear liability for any use of the service that he makes.


The site management will not bear liability for any damage caused to the user or any third party as a direct or indirect result of the service, including damage caused due to the use of software applications (insofar as available on the site at any time) that have been downloaded directly through the service or are operated by using the service.


For the purpose of this clause, "the site management" includes its employees and representatives.




The service contains links to planning documents and other official publications. The following provisions apply to the use of those links and do not derogate from the other provisions of these terms and conditions. The links are intended solely for the user's convenience. The site management has no control over or right in the material contained at the links.


The site management is not liable for the material contained at the links or on third party websites.


Links to third party websites are not to be construed as the site management's approval, authentication, recommendation or preference in respect of the sites linked, including the documents and any other material contained on them, the operators of the sites or the products displayed there.


The information is submitted as a service to the user and cannot serve as any cause of action whatsoever.


Without derogating from these terms and conditions, use of the data appearing in the service or anything deriving from or implied by the data is at the sole risk of the user. The site management is not liable for any damage or expense.


The site management trusts that the service will be of help and benefit to you.


Last update: September 1, 2015

מתחם ח-500, חולון

125 Herzog St. Azur, Israel

Tel. +972-3-501-2323





© All rights reserved to RAITEN GROUP All Information is provided as a service and can not be used as grounds for any claim.

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